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Seeing is Believing

The Brief:

Many people live their lives on social media, but how much of it is to be believed? Highlight the issues of the idea that seeing is believing in a digital world. Explore boundary between what is real and what is fake, by creating images for a single fictitious social media account, the account can be for anything e.g., an individual, News Site, TV personality, musician etc. with the important condition that they cannot be real. Each of the images needs to contribute to the overall narrative of the fake profile. 


The Project:

I decided to tackle this brief by making an otherworldly, realistic looking series of images in which sea creatures were flying in the sky. Could this be on another planet? Is it happening here? The goal was to make it look as realistic as possible to be fake news that sea creatures were leaving the seas. Each image features a series of sea creatures from jellyfish to octopi in which they are floating through the sky in a series of landscapes. These were created using various images compiled together in photoshop using different layering effects, blending techniques and photo manipulation. The desired effect was for them to be a cohesive set of images that would be displayed on a fake Instagram post.

Click to view the process document for the creation of these images


Making them look realistic took a lot of work but the overall effect came out as planned. They do look realistic in their own ways and have the potential for me to continue the series as a side piece of work in my own time to further my skills.

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