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Jessica-Ann Murray



0447 677 451


Uni Email:

A Bit About Me

Hello my name is Jess! I am an aspiring designer and artist who is currently studying at UC Canberra for Visual Communication. In my final year I am looking for further opportunities and career change options, to further my skills. 

I currently have skills in a number of programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate and InDesign as well as the classic pencil to paper. I also have skills with a camera as I have an interest in photography, mostly taking interest in macro and nature photography. While my skills are still developing I am capable of creating many things! I also have fantastic communication skills both verbally and written and can be formal and friendly where required. I currently work in retail and rely heavily on my ability to be able to provide great customer assistance and communicate effectively with my colleagues.

I have always had an interest in creative outlets from a young age, and continued this interest through school always taking artistic classes such as photography and art. After finishing college I went on to do animal courses for something different and to explore another passion of mine. I completed a Cert III in animal companion services at CIT, as well as an online course through the NDTF for a Cert III in dog behaviour and training. Unfortunately in Canberra there are not as many career opportunities in this field as I had hoped and turned back to my creative side by going back to university.

I am eager to apply and develop my skills in a professional work environment. I ultimately aim to find a career involving interesting, challenging, and meaningful employment that contributes to positive social outcomes.

Areas of interest: Design | Mental Health | Helping Others 


2021 - Current

Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)

Currently studying at UC Canberra in the field of graphic design.


Cert III in Dog Training

Completion of a dog obedience/training certificate. involves knowledge and skills in the training of dogs in basic obedience and behaviour modification.


Cert III in Animal Companion Services

Completion of an animal companion services certificate consisting of knowledge and skills gained in the care of a variety of pet animals.



Completion of tertiary education at Tuggeranong College.

Work Experience

2013 - Ongoing

Retail Associate at BigW Tuggeranong

  • Manage a team (6-8 people) to ensure that customer needs are met in a range of services, including checkout, returns, digital photo processing, lay-by, online pick-up, and customer assistance. 

  • Organise duties of service staff to ensure that daily procedures are completed, and that colleague’s receive their breaks. 

  • Problem-solve and assist staff with issues relating to customer service and the use of our systems.

  • Assist in the service and administration of our Lay-by and Online Pick-up departments.

  • Liaise with external stakeholders via email and phone for the repair and compensation of faulty products.

  • Manage small teams and contractors after hours in a managerial position.

Skills & Abilities


Maintained high academic performance in throughout my current bachelor while taking on a full-time load and working casually. I successfully managed the large workload and multiple deadlines to attain a GPA of 6.22/7.

Organisation and planning is a requirement of my role at Big W, where I ensure tasks are completed by the end of the day. This often requires prioritising immediate needs over those less critical.


Taking on leadership roles and assuming organisation lead in multiple group projects throughout my degree.

Problem Solving

Solve unexpected problems that arise in my current workplace in a timely manner, such as: technology failure, resourcing limitations and complex customer needs, under the pressure of a fast-paced service environment.

Working with clients to produce the required work per their needs and
requirements while working ethically and environmentally conscious.


Employment in retail has offered extensive experience working in a team-oriented environment.

Experience from UC coursework in completing presentation projects in small teams, successfully collaborating within the busy and conflicting schedules of myself and colleagues.

Research & Analysis

Coursework at UC has provided extensive research experience, including opportunities to formulate unique research questions and engage in self-directed study. 
From UC coursework I have developed skills in user centred design thinking and planning to meet briefs


Practiced at communicating with customers, including professional explanations of store policy and consumer law, which assists in de-escalating potential conflict. 

Ability to convey complex ideas with concise written expression. 


Proficient at interpersonal communication with colleagues, which has contributed to my success working in a fast-paced retail environment. 


Experience in manoeuvring language barriers to ensure communication is effective, easier and understood.


Proficient with:

  • Microsoft Word

  • PowerPoint

  • Excel

  • Procreate

  • Clip Studio


  • Illustrator 

  • Photoshop

  • Indesign

Dog Training

Competent in the obedience training of dogs of all sizes and different temperaments. 

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