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The Clean Jobs Plan: Poster

The Brief:

Design an infographic poster using Adobe Illustrator pen tool. The poster can incorporate text and pictograms to create a unique design that visually communicates your idea. The client is the Climate Council of Australia with a campaign targeting one of six groups of people in Australia about climate change. The exact topic is your choice, with content from the Climate Council website to be used in your poster design.


The Project:

I used an article from the climate council website called the “Clean Jobs Plan” which addressed the potential for growth in the community through global warming conservation efforts. Through these efforts many jobs would be provided for the community while also positively contributing towards lessening the impact of global warming. The project was an infographic poster addressing each of the key points and job potentials discussed in the article. This was made to address the group of people outlined by climate council who were aware of global warming but making little to no effort to contribute to the cause.

Click to view the actual size of the poster to read the text

Click to view the process document for the creation of the poster


The impact made by the poster can be seen in its use of icons, hierarchy, size, and content by the way that each potential for jobs has been sized according to how many jobs would be available according to the article. This creates an impact by showing the consumer the sheer number of jobs that can be provided if the Clean Jobs Plan were to be put into effect, as well as why it should be put into effect.

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