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Client Project: Infinity Landscaping

The Brief:

Uni – Produce a significant and engaging creative written work, artefact, design, film, visual artwork, or other creative product aimed at a specified target audience and outlet or opportunity. The creative project should be either a complete piece or a self-contained piece for a potentially larger work, such as a script for a pilot episode of a TV series or a first artwork in an intended series. Whatever it is, it needs to be something that you can realistically submit or pitch to a real outlet, opportunity, investor, market, client, or collaborator.


Client – In desperate need for a fully functioning website for their landscaping business. The client already had a business that has been operating for 20 years, and in all this time has never had a website. When they reached out, they wanted help creating a website after a previous designer had let them down and bailed on the project, I agreed and thus began my work on the website for Infinity Landscaping. Because it was already an operating business the logo, colour scheme and name had already been provided. The next task was finding out what would be best for my client, and we came to the decision that something simple and easy to use would be best as they were not very tech savvy, and a lot of their current customers were older and also not good with technology.


The Project:

We began by having a look first at which website builder to use that was both affordable and easy to use for the client. After research and tables of varying costs and features we agreed on WIX. Then began the wire framing, content collection and assembling for the website. I started by sitting with the client and getting them to write out what they had to offer for their business, a short bio, and information about each of the services they provide to ensure it was clear to their customers. They then provided me with images from previous jobs and I took a few of my own while at their place. Once all the content was collected it was time to build the website and see if the client(s) liked it.

Click to view the Process Document for more background on the project

If you would like to check out the website for yourself search Infinity Landscaping or click this link:

After a few minor changes and additions along the way the website was complete. I had created a simple yet fully functional website with services, galleries, reviews, and bio information. Their main client base was repeat customers and word of mouth so by having this website, I had finally brought them into the 21st Century and opened them up to more clients. I also created an instagram for them, but they are still figuring that one out so it’s a work in progress.

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