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Identity & Style Guide

The Brief:

Produce a brand and style guide for a specific industry sector successfully communicating to a specified target market. Create the visual branding and full identity system for an envisaged property development company or property development based and servicing the local Canberra Region. The design concept needs to target a specific target group and know its market positioning. The brand identity must include: a logo, full colour schemes (primary and secondary colours), typography, and illustrations / iconography / patterns if appropriate, style of photography used. 

The Project:

I chose to create a company called Petrichor that targets the older generations ranging from 50-70 looking to retire in the comfort provided by the outdoors. My company would be creating a retirement village in the Stromlo region for retirees looking for companionship, exercise, and the thrill of the outdoors. It is a face-to-face based communication system for Petrichor as people of the older generations would prefer to talk to people, not computers. In addition to this, the colours and imagery chosen for the brand compliment and reflect the colours of the outdoors. Natural greens and browns to show our customers how enthusiastic about nature we are and that we can bond over it. This includes the name as Petrichor is the word for the smell that comes before the rain; It is comforting, light and relaxing.

Click to view the full branding and identity guide for Petrichor


After showing multiple older friends and family my work, they agreed it came across the way I intended in terms of the language, appearance and that it was also an innovative idea. Some of them even admitted to wanting it to be real. Stromlo is an up-and-coming region that is constantly expanding and being built upon and a retirement village like this could be of use in the area. There are multiple nursing homes and apartment complexes but something like this for those older generations who love socialising with neighbours, still want to get out and exercise and love the outdoors would be perfect in Stromlo.

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