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The Clean Jobs Plan: Brochure

The Brief:

Design and develop a minimum of 8-page interactive digital brochure as an information booklet targeting one of six groups of people in Australia about climate change. Build a visual story informing them of future actions on climate change. Targeting the same group targeted in Assignment 2 (poster) make sure your poster and brochure match in visual language. Demonstrate a solid understanding of visual hierarchy, navigation, and the importance of typography in design. Working with a foundational grid, master pages and character styles in InDesign, build your design and choose a name for your brochure. Finally develop a masthead design as part of your cover. 


The Project:

I used an article from the climate council website called the “Clean Jobs Plan” which addressed the potential for growth in the community through global warming conservation efforts. Through these efforts many jobs would be provided for the community while also positively contributing towards lessening the impact of global warming. The project was what a brochure or booklet containing similar information could look like should one be made. It was made to address the group of people outlined by climate council who were aware of global warming but making little to no effort to contribute to the cause.

Click to view the Interactive Brochure in its PDF form

Click to view the process document for the creation of this interactive brochure


The brochure/booklet has been laid out in a way that encourages readers to continue reading by varying images, amount of content on each page and the shapes created through both. Most articles are square and full of content which can be intimidating to unenthusiastic readers so by varying a few things it can encourage these people to read on.

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