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Awareness Animation

The Brief:

Create a 1–2-minute video that includes motion graphics and video elements to bring awareness to a social issue and encourages the audience to take action. Following on from the research conducted and storyboards created for in the previous assessment, produce that design into a digital storytelling format. Using video, type, animation, audio, and FX, create a 1–2-minute video that captures the message of your topic research and expands upon it, to engage the chosen audience and encourage them to take action. Consider the design elements and how you can create further depth to the message and user engagement by animating the typography or images. The animation should enhance and build upon your call to action so think about the theme and messaging. 


The Project:

The issue I chose to bring awareness to is something I am very passionate about as it a topic I deal with most days at work. For this project I chose to address the harm caused by releasing balloons and what other options are available that are much less harmful. At my job I work primarily in the party section (BigW) inflating balloons and helping customers with their party needs. On too many occasions I have had people tell me “It doesn’t matter I’m just going to release them anyway” and every time it has struck a nerve. This project gave me the opportunity to create something that could be used to show others the impact that releasing balloons has on the environment. Unfortunately, in Canberra there are little to no repercussions for releasing balloons but in Victoria they have fines in place for such an instance and it is something I hope they introduce here.

Click to view the Process Document for more background on the project


I created impact by keeping it as light and fun as possible while also addressing the hard facts of what happens when balloons are released. The colours are bright, the music is fun, and the message is clear, and I finished the video with a call to action. I provided multiple alternative options to releasing balloons and then asked the audience to help protect the world. It is our world, and we need to look after it, so releasing balloons is not the way to do that.

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