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Marketing Pack: G'Day Program

The Brief:

Design and generate a concept product tailored to suit the design challenge or 'pain-point' for the cultural group specified in the conclusion of A.1 (For my project this was Iranian refugees). This product can be something that suits your own design interests: a service or product in the form of a printed product (book, information pack, learning aid, etc); or something broader like a physical product or app, or something less tangible, like an event or marketing plan. It must relate directly to your cultural group or a subsection of that group (such as women, children, students, etc) and/or their interaction with broader Australian culture. 

Produce the marketing tools to promote this product/service to your specified target market. 

Must include:

5 marketing items in total
1 MUST be a printed poster
1 MUST be a printed brochure
The remaining 3 can be your choice but must be relevant to your product/service or campaign/target market. 


The Project:

For this project I created a program called G’Day which is a course in which new Iranian refugees can come to Australia and learn about our culture and how to navigate Canberra. The pain point I discovered through my research that navigating Australia and our ways was intimidating and confusing which can make going out or getting a job difficult. This course aims to alleviate that stress and make being here a much more exciting and comfortable experience. For this course I created a program booklet for the duration of the course containing all the information they need, a poster and brochure advertising the course, a brochure to take about all the exciting things to do in Canberra throughout the year, and a handy take home guide containing important information such as who to call in an emergency, how to navigate public transport and some key slang terms we use.

Click to view the Process Document for more background on the project

Click to download the zip file containing each off the marketing items below


The combination of brochures, guides, and the course itself should provide them with enough information to make them feel comfortable here in Canberra. By having a guide that explains how to use public transport or who to call in different emergencies they can put their mind at ease by not having to frantically search the internet for answers. This course is also based under the assumption they know English or have at least basic knowledge in the language before arriving as most do but could easily be expanded on to be a course where they can also learn English.

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